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Mike McCurlie

Happy to welcome you to Mike McCurlie’s online home. You’ve come to the right place if you want to know all things Mike. Glad you popped by!

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The guy


Most folks would say Mike is not your everyday guy and we’d agree. It’s not ‘every guy’ that’s been in dozens of bands, has writing and voice credits on thousands of radio and TV commercials and is the genius behind jingles so famous our whole country can hum them effortlessly. 

What’s more, it’s not every guy who interviews famous musicians, co-founds one of Hamilton’s most successful media companies, and is a graduate of the infamous Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas. 

And to lock down his “not your everyday guy” title, Mike has lived in a tree house, sailed the Atlantic, played Liverpool’s Cavern Club, and has earned “Best Dad in The World” mugs from his two amazing daughters (who now run MJM Media). 

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The musician

Mike brings a pub, festival or online crowd to life like no other performer we know. His exuberance and unabashed love of a good time gets even the most reserved fan clapping and singing along. 

Wanna take a listen to Mike and his bands? Click here and enjoy!

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The voice

If you don’t recognize Mike’s face, you’ll definitely recognize his voice and sound. For the better half of a century, Mike’s been the voice behind some of Canada’s biggest brands. He’s also produced some of the most memorable jingles in history like African Lion Safari, La-Z-Boy and Pizza Pizza. A natural storyteller, Mike is available for select voiceover work. Email him for more info.

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